6 КЛАСС 8 модуль 16.03.

Тема систематизация изученных Л.Е. и грамматики

Fill in the correct word.

  • Rest_urant z_o galler_ cotta_e sto_e pala_e p_ol l_brary spo_ts te_t pa_k

e.g. Bill and Joy go for a walk in the park on Sundays.

1. They live in a in the country.

2. There are lots of works of art in the ….

3. This is a really big department They sell everything here!

4. My sister wants to see the animals at the ……..

5. I’m hungry. Can we go to a fast food ……… ?

6. The Queen lives in a big

7. They are staying in a small …. at the campsite.

8. Timothy is keeping fit at the …….centre.

9. I’m taking this book back to the…….

10. Why don’t we go swimming in the swimming ……… ?

e.g. What kind of home does Kirsten live in? A flat.

  1. What kind of home does Amy live in?

  2. Which home has the biggest rooms?

  3. Which home is close to a cinema and a theatre?

  4. Which home is in the countryside?

  5. Which home is peaceful and quiet?


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