We love animals”

Внеклассное мероприятие для учащихся 3-4кл.

1. Организационный момент
2. Основной этап
3. Рефлексия


1. Формировать у учащихся навыки монологической речи, диалогической речи, развивать инициативу, языковую догадку, логическое мышление, расширить кругозор по теме «Животные».
2. Воспитывать любовь к животным, уважительное отношение друг к другу.


1. Магнитофон
2. Детские рисунки.
3. Картинки с животными.
4. Мягкие игрушки.
5. Разноцветные кружки для рефлексии.

I. Организационный момент.

T1. Dear girls and boys! I am glad to see you. Welcome to our party “We love animals”

I hope you will enjoy our English party.

II. Основной этап.

1. Children, what animals do you know? …
T2. Oh, you know a lot of animals. I think
you know some poems about them. Дети выходят к доске с игрушками, о которых рассказывают стихи.

P1 :I love my cat
It’s warm and fat,
My cat is grey,
It likes to play.

I like dogs, all dogs,
Big dogs and small dogs.
Black dogs and white dogs.
But I like best,
As you can see,
The dog who likes
To play with me.

We go to the Zoo
Tomorrow on Sunday
We go to the Zoo
Tomorrow , tomorrow
There is a zebu there,
And a zebra too,
A bear and a monkey,
And a kangaroo.

A hare is kind
A tiger is wild
A mouse is small
A giraffe is tall.

I love all kind of animals,
Dogs and cats and rabbits,
I love all kind of animals,
I know their little habits.

Little mouse
Come to my house
Sit on the chair
Eat a pear.

I have a dog

His name is Jack.

His cooat is white,

His nose is black

2. Инсценирование стихов.
Now, I think you can dramatize some poems about animals.
1.’’The Cat
аnd the Mouse’’.
Cat: Little Mouse, little Mouse,
Where is your house?
Mouse: Little Cat, little Cat,
I have no flat.
I am a poor Mouse,
I have no house.
Cat: Little Mouse, little Mouse,
Come into my house.
Mouse: Little Cat, little Cat,
I cannot do that,
You want to eat me.
2. “Three Little Kittens”
Author: The three little kittens lost their mittens. And they began to cry.
The 1st kitten: Oh, mother, dear.
The 2nd kitten: We are much fear.
The 3rd kitten: That we have lost our mittens.
Mother: Lost your mittens? You are naughty kittens. Then you will have no pie.
Author: The three kittens found their mittens. And they began to cry.
The 1st kitten: See here!
The 2nd kitten: See here!
The 3rd kitten: See! We have found our mittens!
Mother: Found your mittens? You are good kittens. Put on your mittens. And you will have some pie.

3. Чтение скороговорок.

Let’s compete a little. Read the patters and try to pronounce them correctly.
a. Pat’s black cat is in Pat’s black hat.
b. Cob is Dob’s dog, Tob is Mob’s dog.
c. I see a big black cat, big black cat, big black cat.
What a big black cat! What a cat! What a cat!

4. Описание своих рисунков.

T1. That’s great. You know so many wild animals. I see a lot of pictures here. Whose pictures are these?

5. Отгадай загадку. And now, listen to me and guess my riddles.
a. My name is Nile.
I always fine.
I like to smile.
My name is … (a crocodile).
b. I’m so happy.
I can fly in the blue-blue sky. (a butterfly)
c. I can lie on the mat.
I can catch a rat.
I’m black, I’m fat.
My name is … (a cat).
d. I’m very funny.
I like honey.
My name is Claire.
I’m … (a bear).

6. Игры .

Let’s play the game “Wild Animals”. I’ll throw a ball to each of you in turn. When you catch this ball, you must name a wild animal. Do it as quickly as you can.

So, let’s play the game “The best interpreter ”. Who wants to be a interpreter? Come up, please.
Listen to me and translate the statements.
a. White tigers live in India and they have blue eyes.
b. The Nile crocodile can smile.
c. It’s interesting that mice can sing.
d. The tallest animal is a giraffe. It’s about seven meters high.
e. The best eaters are elephants. They eat 100 kilos of food a day and drink 189 liters a day.
f. The best sleeper is a hedgehog. It can sleep 236 days without food.

III. Рефлексия.

T1. If you like our party you’ll take red circles. But if you don’t like the party you’ll take blue circles. .
Thank you very much
.You were very active.


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