6 класс

Test №1

Present Continuous.

1. Look! Tom (not work). He ( listen) to music.

2. Ann (not read) now. She ( write) a letter.

3. I (study) English, but I (not learn) very fast.

4. My brother (not sleep). He (play) computer games.

6.You ( watch) TV. You ( not listen) to me!

5. Jane (not eat) breakfast. She (sleep).

6. They (not do) their homework. They (run) in the garden.

7. My mother ( have) a shower. She ( not cook).

8. I( spend) a day at the seaside. The sun (shine) brightly.

9. I can`t go to the cinema. I (do) my homework.

10. You (have) an English lesson now?

11. My parents aren`t here at the moment. They (play) golf.

12. Bob (work) now ?

13. She (not listen) to music.

14. What`s the matter? Why you (cry)?

15. Don`t go out: it (rain) hard.

16. What the children (do) in the garden?

17. You can`t listen to music because the stereo( not work).

18. We don`t want to go for a walk. We ( watch) a very interesting film.

19. Where is Cindy? She (have) lunch?

20. I (not wash) my hair.

21. My brother (learn) English at the moment.

Test №2

Present Simple.

1. We (have/ has ) got three dogs.

2. My sister (live/ lives) in Kiev.

3. Where ( do/ does) he go swimming?

4. My friends (hate/ hates) doing homework.

5. (Does/ Do) Olga like English?

6. I (enjoy / enjoys) roller- skating.

7. What (do/ does) you do in your leasure time?

8. They (watch / watches) television in the evening.

9. Tom (go/ goes) swimming every day.

10. My brother and I (like/ likes) singing very much.

Test №3

Present Simple or Present Continuous?

1. What the children (do)?

2. The shops( open) at 9 o`clock and ( close) at 5.30.

3. Julia (speak) 4 languages.

4. They (not listen) to music now.

5. Your brother often (go) cycling?

6. She usually (not go) to the park.

7. Where your parents (live)?

8. Listen ! The phone ( ring).

9. I (not play) tennis.

10. Look! It (snow).

11. It (snow) every year in this country.

12. We often (not go ) on picnics.

13. He usually (watch) TV in the evening.

14. How often you (read) English books?

15. Where is Tom? He (have) a shower.

16. I (not watch) television very often.

17. John (work ) today? I` sorry, I (not know).

18. Sue (not like ) coffee . She (prefer) tea.

19. She (hate) eating soup.

20. Where is Paul? In the kitchen. He (cook).

21. Why are you under the table? What you (do)?

22. You (know) that girl? Yes, but I (not remember) her name.

23. Mary (watch) television every afternoon.

24. John and Susan usually (eat) at a restaurant on Sundays.

25. Be quite! The baby (sleep)

26. Most young people in my country (not wear ) a uniform at school.

27. Stella (not always do) her homework.

28. Jane (not carry) an umbrella today because it is sunny.

29. My parents (work) right now.

30. Look! The children (play) on their computer again.

31. Laura (not sing) at the moment .She (dance)

32. She usually (catch) the bus to school.

33. Susan and Kate (study) now.

34. He (not like) swimming.

35. John (wear) his jeans today

36. Excuse me, I (sit) here.

37. Tony (work) in a hotel.

38. They (swim) now.

39. Mrs Smith (live) in Scotland.

40. She (not drive) a car.

41. She (not go ) shopping on Fridays.

42. What they do at the moment?

43. What time you (get up ) on Sundays?

Test №4

Present Simple or Present Continuous?

1. Tony usually (works/ is working) late.

2. Paula (is cooking/ cooks) dinner at the momen.

3. Pat and Bob ( wash/ are washing) the dishes right now.

4. John ( does / is doing ) his homework every afternoon.

5. Helen ( is reading /reads ) a book now.

6. Tina often ( goes / is going) to the cinema.

7. Bill sometimes (is sleeping / sleeps) till late on Sundays.

8. Kim ( has / is having ) a piano lesson every Tuesday.

9. Ann and Bill usually (eat / are eating) at a restaurant on Fridays.

10. Mark ( listens/ is listening) to music at the moment.

11. I usually ( am getting up / get up) late on holidays.

12. Mark (skies / is skiing) at the moment.

Test №5

1. Mark ( play) the guitar.

2. Linda (do) her homework at the moment.

3. Lucy and Brian ( spend ) their summer holidays in Rome now.

4. ……..(they/ watch ) TV now?

5. John (go) to the gym every afternoon.

6. We (often / not / go ) for a picnic in spring.

7. What (she / wear) at the moment?

8. He always (invite) lots of friends to his birthday party.

9. Susan ( buy ) a pair of shoes every month.

10. Jack ( not / study ) at the moment. We can go to the cinema.

11. She usually (eat) at an Italian restaurant on Saturdays.

12. My sister and I ( not/ play ) computer games now.

13. Listen! Paul ( play) the piano.

14. Betty (wake ) up early every day.

15. They ( visit ) their parents on Sundays.

16. He never ( eat) fruit but he is eating an apple now.

17. It usually snows in Aberdeen but now the sun (shine).

18. The phone ( ring) now.

19. How much this shirt (cost )?

20. John (make ) a pizza now.

Test №6

Вариант №1

1. This is………classroom.

A. we B. our C. ours

2. That big grey house is…….

A. us B.my C. mine

3. The children………..in the garden.

A. are B. is C. am

4. My sister…….5 years old.

A. does B. has C. is.

5. My ………..name is Mike.

A. friend`s B. friends` C.friend

6. Give me…….sugar, please.

A. a B. an C. some

7. There are……..apples on the plate.

A. many B. much C. any

8. We are going to the museum……..the weekend.

A. on B. in C. for D. at

9. I`d like to introduce you ……..my friend.

A. for B. to C. with D. on

10. My mother goes to work……..bus.

A. by B. in C. with D. on

11. After Tuesday comes……..

A. Thursday B. Wednesday C. Monday

12. My uncle has got two children, my………..

A. brother B. aunt C. cousins D. twins

13. If the person is 52, we say he is in his ………..fifties.

A. mid B. early C. no D. late

14………talk to the driver!

А. Do B. Don`t C. Doesn’t

15. Sally………..not like cooking.

A. do B. don`t C. does

16. I ……….go to Spain. I’ve got a house there.

A. never B. often C. rarely

17. My friends……….doing homework.

A. hate B. hates C. is hating

18. Helen is ………….a book now.

A. read B. reads C. reading

19. Tony usually………..late.

A. works B. work C. is working.

20. My brother and I ………singing very much.

A. like B. are liking C. likes

21. We met ten years……

A. gone B. ago C. past

22. Did they …….home early last night?

A. arrived B. arrives C. arrive

23. Be quiet! You ……make noise.

A. mustn’t B. must C. can

24. A lion is………than an elephant

A. smaller B. smallest C. small

25. We………on holiday last summer.

A. meet B. met C. meets

Вариант №2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Look at…….. He is my friend.

A. him B. her C. he

2. This car is……….

A. her B. hers C. she

3. She………..a doctor at the hospital.

A. am B. is C. are

4. I……….two dogs.

A. has B. hasn`t got C. have got

5. …………..favourite colour is blue.

A. Tamara`s B. Tamara C. Tamaras`

6. There……two books on the table.

A. is B. are C. some

7. There isn`t………cheese in this sandwich.

A. some B. a C. any

8. Please come to my party……..Sunday.

A. in B. on C. at D. under

9. I don`t like to listen……..classical music.

A. to B. on C. — D. with

10. We go on holiday……….August.

A. in B. near C. at D. on

11. Britain- British, Spain- Spanish, China-……….

A. Chinish B. Chinese C. Chanian D. China

12. After Monday comes………..

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday

13. The brother of my mother is my…………

A. aunt B. grandfather C. uncle D. cousin

14. If the person is 59, we say he is in his……..fifties.

A. mid B. early C. no D. late

15. He………….like soup.

A. not B. isn`t C. don`t D. doesn`t

16. I………….go to the gym because I don`t have time

A. always B. never C. sometimes

17. They ……….football after school.

A. play B. are playing C. plays

18. Paula ……..cooking dinner at the moment.

A. am B. has C. is

19. Bill sometimes ……..till late at weekends

A. sleeps B. sleep C. is sleeping

20. Look! The clowns………on the grass.

A. dance B. are dancing C. will dance D dances

21. Mike walked to school……

A. now B. yesterday C. every day

22. You’re on holiday. You……….wake up early.

A. have to B. mustn’t C. don’t have to

23. This book is ………than the one we read last year

A. difficulter B. more difficult C. the most difficult

24. Did you …….out last night?

A. went B. goes C. go

25. She…..a cold a week ago

A. had B. have C. has


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