План-конспект урока в 8 классе.

Lesson plan


Цель: развитие комплексного умения монологической речи по теме Movies/Celebrities/Fame


1) совершенствовать продуктивные лексические навыки, необходимые для решения коммуникативных задач

2) развивать умение аргументировать свою точку зрения

3) развивать умение связно высказываться о фильме, любимом актере, проблемах популярности

4) развивать учебно-познавательные и компенсаторные умения.

Воспитательная задача: воспитание уважительного отношения к культуре кино в мире, к мнению окружающих; воспитание умения ориентироваться в мире информации.

1) Greeting

You know I am fond of movies. I know you are fond of movies too. Am I right? Do you like to watch films? To discuss films?

The aim of our lesson today is to train speaking about movies, actors and actresses and fame.

2) Brainstorming Movies (1 min) in groups

What is the word “movies” associated with?

Write down your ideas on the sheets of paper in groups.

You have one minute only.

Movies – (actors, actresses, Oscar, Red Carpet, Hollywood, fame, genre)

Today we’ll touch upon ….

3) Tastes differ, so different people like different types of films.

Let’s watch video and pay attention to various genres which people prefer.

Watching video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvuFPOjCmJo )

3) What genres of films are there?

a thriller, an adventure film, a documentary, a blockbuster, a cult film, a drama, a historical film, a fantasy film, a horror film, a science fiction film, an animated film (cartoon), a war film, a western, a children’s film, a soap opera, a comedy, a classic, a musical, an action film, a romance

4) Загадки. Описание жанра – название.

What genre is it? I’ll describe the type, and you try to guess.

a) It can last for months and even years, the action is rather slow. If you miss one series, or even ten, you find that the plot has not developed much. The characters can be neither clever nor interesting, but they become like a part of your family. (a soap opera)

b) It provokes excitement and nervous tension into audience. It keeps people unsure what is going to happen. (a thriller)

c) It is about naval, air or land battles during the time of armed conflicts. (a war film)

And now try to describe the genre yourselves but don’t name it so that your classmates could guess it. (I can give you the names of the genres or you can choose them yourselves)

(a western, a fantasy, a romance, a musical, a historical film, a blockbuster, a sci-fi)

5) What films do you like and don’t you like? Приложение 1

http ://www .mrqe .com /movie _reviews /the -sorcerers -apprentice -m 100071091

http ://www .mrqe .com /movie _reviews /angels -and -demons -m 100082548

http ://www .mrqe .com /movie _reviews /the -pink -panther -2-m 100065318

http ://www .mrqe .com /movie _reviews /the -social -network -m 100087300




http ://www .mrqe .com /movie _reviews /despicable -me -m 100077562

In 2009 and 2010 Hollywood studios produced some new movies. I have not seen them all yet. I think neither have you. Imagine that you have a few DVD with new films you haven’t seen.

You have found movie reviews in the Internet. Please read them and decide what film to watch. You should choose the film suitable for all members of your group. Explain your choice.

Make up the dialogue and come to the agreement.

Чтение описаний новых фильмов, выбор, объяснение.

Примечание для учителя: на момент проведения урока выбранные фильмы были действительно новыми, они не были знакомы учащимся, поэтому им приходилось делать свой выбор, опираясь только на описание.

Use phrases like these:

Personally I …

I prefer…

Let’s watch…

I agree with you because…

What do you think?

OK, but…

6) Movie Riddles (Worksheet) Приложение 2

You should describe the film you like and your classmates will try to guess it.

7) Video Academy Award (Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4wS7VOvFbk )

Do you have your favourite actors and actresses? What are they like?

These words can help you to describe your favourite celebrities.

Who is your favourite actor or actress and why?

Handsome, attractive, plain, perfect, talented, beautiful, versatile, hilarious (шумный, веселый), successful etc.

8) What is important to be successful? – talent, a lot of experience, rich parents, a lot of patience and hard work, self-confidence, a lot of luck, high self-esteem, good looks.

9) Discuss the following questions in groups:

What do you think about success and fame?

Are they a guarantee of happiness?

Would you like to be famous?


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