План — конспект урока

Учим грамматику английского языка

1.Категория материала. План-конспект урока в 6 классе по программе М.З.Биболетовой “Happy English”.2.Предмет – английский язык .Тема: Сравнение Past Indefinite и Present Perfect

3.Устинова Елена Владимировна – учитель английского языка

4.Цели:1.Активизация трех форм английских глаголов в устной и письменной речи.

2.Актуализация УУД в использовании Past Indefinite и Present Perfect.

3.Тренировка грамматических навыков (сравнение Past Indefinite и Present Perfect) в устной речи , в чтении короткого текста, построенного на знакомом языковом материале, в устной речи.

4.Совершенствование умений и навыков диалогической речи.

Ход урока.

1.Организационный момент.

Good morning ,children! –Good morning ,Elena Vladimirovna!

It`s time to say: ”Hello!” It`s time to say: “ Hello!”

It`s time to say: ”Hello!’ And start our lesson!

Are all pupils present?

Today we`ll remind three forms of English verbs, compare the Past Indefinite and the Present Perfect tenses, read the text, act out dialogues.

,do some exercises.

2.Фонетическая зарядка.

Look at the blackboard and read the following verbs. Can you divide them into three groups? Will you read them?

Played ,collected ,listened, helped, cleaned, stopped, invited, climbed, walked, opened, answered ,created, asked, counted.

3.Речевая разминка.

It`s time to remember the forms of the verbs. Let`vs play with a ball. Catch the ball and name the second and the third forms of regular and irregular verbs.


4.Актуализация неправильных глаголов. We shall remember the irregular verbs. Each pair will have the card of irregular verbs, the verbs are mixed. Match the forms of the verbs:

Draw-drew-drawn, see-saw-seen, meet-met-met, eat-ate-eaten , write-wrote-written , give-gave-given , buy-bought-bought , do-did-done, have-had-had , teach-taught-taught , go-went-gone, hear-heard-heard .

5.Актуализация использования the Past Indefinite и Present Perfect tenses. Open your Workbooks on page 59 . Look at the table and remember the rule. Answer my questions, please.

1)What do we use the the Past Indefinite for?

2)What auxiliary verb do we use?

3)When do we use the main verb in the infinitive form?

4)What do we use the Present Perfect for?

5)What auxiliary verbs do we use?

6)What form does the main verb have?

5.Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи.Make up dialogues, use these word expressions:

To make friends , to meet your granny

Use Present Perfect and Past Indefinite tense.


I see you are tired. Will you stand up , please? Listen and do exercises.

Can you hop like a rabbit?

Сan you jump like a frog?

Сan you walk like a duck?

Can you run like a dog?

Can you fly like a bird?

Can you swim like a fish?

Can you be a good child

As still as you wish?

7.Тренировка навыков грамматики.

Open your Workbooks on page 58 exercise 4.Complete the story of Maria`s day,open the brackets.

Then,write questions you may ask Maria.

I (leave) home at 8 a.m. yesterday morning and (go) to the college by bus.I (arrive) there at 9 a.m. My lessons (begin) at 9.30. and (finish) at 1 p.m.I (go) to an Italian restaurant for lunch.I(meet) my brother there and we (have) lunch together. We both (eat) spaghetti. After lunch I (buy) a birthday present for my father, and my brother (go) to the sport centre to play volleyball. In the evening I (stay) at home and(watch) TV.

1.When did you leave home?

2.How ?

3.When ?

4.Where ?

5.Who ?

6.What ?

7.Where ?

8.Aктивизация настоящего совершенного времени и прошедшего времени в письменной речи.

Exercise 9 on page 58 in you Workbooks is to be written.

1.When Johnlose his job? — 3 weeks ago.

2.When the last timeyouhave a holiday? — last year.

3.How longJillhave a cat? — since January.

4.What timeyoufinish work? — at 9 a.m.

5. How longyouwatch TVlast night? — all evening.

6.WhenChrisgo out?- ten minutes ago.

7.How longyour fatherbe in hospital? – since Monday.

I would like Mary to collect the Workbooks.

9.Get your things together .Goodbye ,children. You were at your best.

Your homework is Ex. 34(b) on page 114 and Ex.10 on page 119 in your Student`s books.


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