Проверочная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса

По учебнику «Enjoy English», автор М.З. Биболетова.

Составлена учителем английского языка Лазаревой Ларисой Сергеевной,

ГБОУСОШ № 28 города СанктПетербурга

1. Give the short answer to these questions.

1. Have you done all your homework for today?

2. Have you brought your English textbook to school with you today?

3. Have they received our letters?

4. Has Martin seen his doctor recently?

5. Has your teacher given you any marks today?

6. Have your answered all the questions correctly?

7. Has Jack taken his English exam?

2. Make up questions using the given words. Answer them.

1. You/join/ the society/ already? —

2. Your nephews/be /at school/ today?-

3. My cousin/ join/ Greenpeace/ already?-

4. His parents/take part/ in the project/ yet?-

5. You/watch/TV/ recently? —

6. Businessman/ write/ the cheque/just? —

3. Answer the following questions.

1. Have you been to the Museum of Natural History?

2. Have they already cleaned their room?

3. Has she been to see the vet with her pet?

4. Have they rebuilt the left wing of their house?

5. Have you arranged the party?

6. Has he invited the scientists to the conference?

4. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense (Past Simple or Present Perfect).

1. Yesterday my aunts (go) shopping and (buy) apples for a cake.

2. My mum (be) to the theatre three times this week.

3. Helen (come) home, (have) a short rest, and then (begin) to help her mother.

4. Let’s have a bite to eat! I (set) just the table.

5. My mother is angry. My elder brother (not, take out) rubbish.

6. His niece just (write) the invitation letters.

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