Класс: 6

Тема: April Fools’ Day


  1. Знакомство с праздником.

  2. Отрабатывать новые слова по теме.

  3. Развивать навыки чтения.

Оборудование: карточки с текстом, смайлики с вопросами.



Teacher’s action

Student’s action


7 min

3 min

2 min

3 min

7 min

1 min



9 min

1 min

Beginning of the lesson

Phonetics’ drill



-Good morning, boys and girls!

-Today we will speak about April Fools’ Day. Do you know what does it mean?

Целью нашего сегодняшнего урока является знакомство с праздником и его традициями. А если Такой праздник в России?

-Listen to me:

Man is a fool.

When it’s hot, he wants it cool,

When it’s hot, he wants it hot.

He always wants what he has not.

-And now, repeat after me: fool, cool, when, wants it, hot.

-Now the first line, the second… all rhyme.

-Look at the blackboard. Here you can see the new words:





Fool-шут, дурак

На доске висит буквенная цепочка, вам нужно найти четыре слова связанных с этим праздником.


-Put the letters into correct order





-Ok, thank you!

-Now we will read and translate the text about April Fools’ Day.

April Fools’ Day is the 1st of April. You can play jokes on people, even on teachers. When they discover the joke you say, “April Fool”. You have to play the jokes before 12 o’clock midday, otherwise they joke on you.

-Stand up!

Clap, clap,

Go around!

Clap, clap,

Hands up!

Clap, clap,

Hands down,

Sit down!

-Match the beginning of the sentence with the end of it.

April Fools’ Day is…

You can play jokes on…

When people discover the joke…

You have to play the joke…

the 1st of April.

people, even on teachers.

you say, “April Fool”.

before 12 o’clock midday.

-On the blackboard you can see the cards with the question and answer it.

1. When people cerebrate April Fools’ Day?

2. What people do on this day?

3. What people say when they discover the joke?

4. Why do you have to play the joke before 12 o’clock?

-Nice of you.

-Now our lesson is over. You work very hard today.

Good Bye!

Listen to the teacher

1 слайд

Do exercises

2 слайд

Read and translate the text

3 слайд

Do exercises

4 слайд


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