5-6 класс


Read the text. Which paragraph tells you about:

1. Juan’s family ?

2. food in the Philippines ?

3. why the family moved to Manila?

4. a Philippino student, Juan?

5. people and languages in the Philippines?

a. Hello. My name is Juan. I’m from the Philippines. I’m a student in a high school in Manila, the capital. I’m good at Maths and I hope to work in a bank.

b. There are eight people in our family: my mum and dad, my four sisters and me and my grandfather. We live in a flat.

c. Ten years ago we had a farm in the country. The farm was near a volcano. The volcano erupted and ash covered the farm. My parents bought this flat in the capital.

d. There are about seventy million people in the Philippines and there are many languages. People in the capital usually speak the main language. Some people also speak English and Spanish.

e. Some people in the big towns eat fat food but most people eat fish, rice and fruit. We sometimes eat rice three times a day. A lot of people are farmers and they grow rice for their families.



The sentences describe the places of the town. Write the words.

Example: 1. You can swim and play basketball here. s p o r t s c e n t e r

2.You can catch a train here. s _ _ _ _ _ _

3. You can have a drink and write an e-mail. I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ c _ _ _

4. You can catch a bus here. b _ _ s _ _ _ _ _ _

5. You can learn about history here. m _ _ _ _ _

6. You can watch a film here. c _ _ _ _ _

7. You can walk with your dog here. p _ _ _


I Complete with the Present simple or the Present continuous.

8. It (rain) a lot in Great Britain in autumn.

9. John isn’t at home at the moment. He (visit) his friend.

10. It’s hot. Why (you/wear) a jacket?

11. (you/like) diving?

12. Dave (not/like) sandwiches.

13. Julie can’t answer the phone. She (have) a bath.

14. (John/understand) French?


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