Контрольные работы для 6 класса

УМК «Enjoy English» М. В. Биболетовой.

Test to Unit 5

I. Fill in the gaps using one of the options.

1) Have you read “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe? It`s … reading.

a) well b)nice c) free d) worth

2) Sir W. Churchill was a famous …

a) banker b) architect c) politician d) artist

3) London`s parks are … trees, grass, flowers and water.

a) full of b) free in c) tired of d) sure of

4) “Lollipop Ladies” help children to … the street.

a) run b) cross c) choose d) find

II. Fill in the gaps with the words:

1948, collector, died, the British Museum, collection, books, building, ancient.

Sir Hans Sloan was a great … . He filled his house with rare … and pictures, stones, stuffed animals and birds, and … things from all over the world. When Sir Hans Sloan … in 1753, the King bought the whole collection so that it could belong to the nation for ever. This was the start of … . It took thirty years and thousands of tons of stone to complete the … . The building of the British Museum was finished in … .

III. Fill in the appropriate article.

1) I am from … Dmitrov. It`s … small town in … Russia.

2) Are you in the … fourth form? — No, I`m not. I`m in … fifth form.

3) Do you go to … museum after … school.

4) I have got … ball. … is big.

5) They have got … friends in … Great Britain.

6) There is … lake in … forest . … lake is beautiful.

7) … Serovs visited … London in …March.

8) … Linda is going to visit … USA.

9) … Black Sea is in … south of our country.

10) … Kazbek is … highest peak of … Caucasus.

11) He lives in … Green Street.

12) The famous clock … Big Ben stands near … Houses of Parliament.

13) It was hot. … sun was shining brightly.

Test to Unit 6

  1. Fill in the gaps with the words:

endangered, lived, ago, age, car, in the world, seas, killed, stop.

The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever 1) … . The whale can be more than 100 feet long. Just the tongue of a blue whale is larger than a 2) … . The blue whale is also the strongest creature (cущество) 3) … .

Now blue whales are 4) … . Just 150 years 5) … , there were over 150,000 of them in the world`s 6) … . Today there are only about 6000 to 3,000.Why? Its huge body has more than 20 tons of valuable oil (ценного жира). Thousands of blue whales were 7) … each year.

In 1965, whaling countries agreed to 8) … killing blue whales. But some of them died from old 9) … . Soon there may not be enough (достаточно) baby whales to replace all the ones that die.

II. Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. We have … the windows recently. a) open b) opened c) opening

2. Have you ever … to London? a) been b) are c) was

3. Linda has not … us for the concert this evening. a) joins b) will join c) joined

4. What have you … today? a) do b) did c) done

5. Who has just … you? a) phone b) phoned c)will phone

6. How many letters has Molly … today a) written b) wrote c) writing

III. Open the brackets.

1. My friend (open) a flower shop in the village.

2. I (not / do) my homework yet.

3. You (send) aunt Mary a birthday card yet?

4. What Billy (draw) today?

5. Who just (come) home?

6. You ever (go) to Minsk by plane?

7. I already (buy) bread.

8. She (not / eat) yet.

IV. Make up sentences from the words.

1. been, have, to the museum, we, today.

2. have, this year, the students, French, studied.

3. yet, seen, the new film, you, have?

4. who, the poem, already, has, by heart, learnt?

5. hasn`t, yet, my question, answered, she.

Test to Unit 7

I. Choose the correct word.

1) What kind of … is it? a) detached b) neighbourhood c) residential

2) The boy ran away from …. a) house b) flat c) home

3) What … nice weather! a) a b) — c) the

4) The dinner was perfect! Shall I help you … the table?

a) clear b) put c) set

5) My … sister is going to visit us. a) bigger b) older c) elder

6. Add some … and … and mix.

a) spoons, forks b) salt, pepper c) pies, puddings

II. Fill in the gaps with the words.

Sitting room, behind, comfortable, area, armchairs, rest, semi — detached, carpet, comfortable.

I live in a residential 1 … . I have a 2 … house. There are 4 rooms in the house. The 3 … is the largest room in the house. There is a sofa, some chairs and 4 … in it. There is a 5 … on the floor. It makes the room 6 … . There is a small garden 7 … my house. It`s a place where I can relax and 8 … .

III. Choose the correct form of the verb.

  1. We … this book lately. (are buying , have bought, bought)

  2. Alf … a shower now. (takes, has taken, is taking)

  3. My friend … her for five years. (knows, knew, has known)

  4. Sam usually … supper at 8 p.m. ( has, have had, will have)

  5. Alice … her Granny last week. ( visits, has visited, visited)

  6. I … this text tomorrow. ( translated, will translate, has translated)

IV. Open the brackets.

1) He (sell) his car last month.

2) They just (finished) their work.

3) We (speak) about his plans now.

4) I sometimes (go) to museums with my sister.

5) Alice (not wash up) yet.

6) The pupils (study) Biology last year?

7) She (buy) fresh vegetables this morning?

8) He (take) out rubbish tomorrow.


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